Associate Services

  • Associate placement opportunities
  • Buy a practice
  • Start-ups
  • One or all of the above

Associate Placement Opportunities

Need a job? Want a buy-in opportunity?

We can help at no cost to you whatsoever. Our company is well connected with practice owners who need associates. We would be happy to help make the connection.

Buy a practice

Want to get on the inside track?

Good practices to purchase are few and far between. The best practice purchase opportunities are rarely advertised and are simply sold privately without most buyers knowing about them. We can help you get on the inside track using our network of dental practitioners.


Waiting for a purchase opportunity?

New start-up practitioners who have followed our recommendations for practice location have experienced 2-5x the national average for first year gross collections. Most of our new start-up clients experience no net cost for our services.

One or all the above

Interested in some or all of our services?

You may want a new or different associate position and also have an interest in purchasing if the right opportunity became available. Likewise you might prefer to purchase but be open to a new start-up and want to have the flexibility to go either direction. We can help meet your needs as an associate whatever they may be.