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Serving Ohio Since 2003

Practice Endeavors has been committed to serving Ohio dental practitioners since 2003. We are your trusted partner for dental practice sales and dental realty in Ohio.

We're based in central Ohio on the property formerly owned by Bob’s Great-Great Uncle, Dr. W. D. Miller. In his day, Dr. Miller was known as the “Father of Modern Dentistry” and the “Discoverer of the Cause of Tooth Decay”. His statue stands in the courtyard behind Postle Hall on the dental campus of The Ohio State University.

Dr. W.D. Miller, "Father of modern dentistry" and "Discoverer of the cause of tooth decay"

How we serve practitioners:
  • Confidentiality
  • Analysis & Valuations
  • Facilitate Sales
  • Arrange Buyer Financing
  • Qualify Buyers
  • Acquisitions & Start-Ups
  • Free Consultation
  • Associate Placements
  • Dental Realty
  • Practice Value Builder
  • Patient Mapping
  • Exit Plan Alternatives

Bob Brooks, owner


Our mission is to help you fulfill your dental practice goals with a smooth, positive and successful experience.


Dentists are licensed for a reason. With Practice Endeavors, you can count on your advisor also being a licensed and credentialed professional. You can have confidence that our experienced advisors will only direct you on a path that is in your best interest. Practice sellers and buyers who have worked with traditional practice brokers in the past tell us that they are amazed at how easy their projects go in comparison with our assistance.


People You Can Trust

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.

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